Check out app features that can streamline your field operations

Towards the delivery of the best business empowering results and to create awesomeness in the business world, this system is inherited with these amazing features.

sales square analysis feature

Sales Strategy

It will help the product selling business individuals to plan a profit worthy sales strategy as per the choice of customers within a particular area range.

sales square intellectual feature

Sales Operations

Towards the perfect management of the sales, tt will make a business individual enable to create and check the newer and previous sales operation.

sales square online shopping feature

Analytical Reports

A business person can any time access this system also from any location of the planet to analysis the overall insights of the business sales department.

sales square plan tour

Plan a Tour

This tool will help you to generate the shortest route map to travel in different locations for the product selling purpose.

sales square team management

Sales Team Management

With this tool you can easily manage the full records of the sales team and their performance, entire data will save on web servers for life long.

sales square location tracking


Geo-Fencing makes a boundary at every location and ensures the sales representative to close the product selling deal within this area.

sales square GPS tracking feature

GPS Tracking

GPS tracker provides the exact and updated records of a person's check in’s check out's and achieved targets of every team member.

sales square performence tracking

Performance Tracking

With tools like Sales Square, the authorized person can easily hold the performance report and success chart of every team member.

sales square cloud storage

Cloud Database

All the data and information collected by the salesperson will be automatically stored and uploaded on the cloud database storage.

sales square strategies section

Decisions & Strategies

The management team can fairly allot the collected amount and total budget as per the sales report of every single sales product.

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